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Packing List For Leh Ladakh Bike Tour For Riders

Ladakh is like nowhere you’ve visited before – rows upon rows of prayer flags, glinting lagoons, snow-capped peaks, red-cheeked kids, handsome yaks and scattered sunbeams that lend an air of magic to the barren background. It’s a secret oasis of pleasure.

Life is busy (sometimes a bit too busy) but Ladakh’s landscapes force one to take a step back and relish entire nights under star-laden skies or spend days cavorting in barren plateaux.

This blog is meant to provide some guidance to you before you set off on your road trip to Ladakh. If you want to refer to a list of practical things (thermals, woollen socks, torches etc) you must pack before setting off on an adventure holiday where you might have to battle cold weather and thrilling temperatures.

Don’t forget to pack travel SPF and an ultra-nourishing lip balm because Ladakh’s weather and searing sun can leave your skin and lips feeling dehydrated and burnt.

1. Pack a set of lower and upper thermals, a water-wind-proof jacket, and some light weight woollens. Here is a detailed list of clothing we recommend:

·         Cotton T-Shirts / Shirts

·         Jeans and Trousers

·         Woollen Socks and Gloves

·         Wind-Waterproof Jacket

·         1 light jacket

·         2 Pairs of thermal inners

·         Hats or Beanies

·         Sweaters

·         Handkerchiefs

·         Heavy woollen clothing (if traveling in winter)

   2. Basic Travel Kit

·         Route details printout

·         Sun Glasses

·         Woollen and Leather Gloves

·         Multiplug extension cords

·         Mufflers or balaclava

·         Back Pack Or Carry bag

·         Nylon rope and bungee cords for bikers

·         Flashlight or Torch lights

·         Water bottle

·         Candles, Lighter, and Match Boxes

·         Power Bank

·         Swiss Knife

·         Bag locks

·         Safety Pins

·         Wrist Watch

·         Hand Sanitizer

·         Books to read

3. Toiletries

Since Ladakh is a difficult altitude and a tough terrain, finding your daily essentials may not be cake walk. Carrying all your toiletries and essentials for your daily use will come as a sigh of relief for you on the trip. So, purchase all your toiletries earlier leaving for the tour. Here is a list of toiletries you must bring on a Ladakh adventure tour.

·         Hand Sanitizer

·         Cold Cream

·         Lip Balm

·         Moisturizers

·         Sunscreen lotion (SPF over 50)

·         Tooth Brush

·         Tooth Paste

·         Shampoo

·         Comb & Mirror

·         Deodorants

·         Toilet Soap

·         Face Wash

4. General Things

·         Id proofs  - Driving license, Passport / aadhar card

·         Passport size photos

·         Travel permits (which are issued locally upon reaching Ladakh)

·         Your bag of medicines

·         Get a prescription for altitude sickness medicine