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Bhutan is a small monarchy lying north of the Eastern border of India. The country is officially called as the Kingdom of Bhutan, with Thimpu, being its capital city and also the largest city. The main religion followed in Bhutan is Buddhism. With tour packages to Bhutan, one gets to visit and experience the tranquility of monasteries and Dzongs, which are old palaces or monk residences and are the centre of temporal and religious authorities. Also, these tour packages to Bhutan takes you to a number of declared tentative UNESCO world heritage sites including dzongs, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and monasteries. For Indian passport holders, tour packages to Bhutan are becoming increasingly lucrative with easy visa requirements in place.

Being an international destination, booking tours package to Bhutan will require valid visa. With bike tours to Bhutan becoming increasingly popular from India, the tour packages to Bhutan from Bagdogra or tour packages to Bhutan from Kolkata are equally taken up by bikers.

The border gate, for such bike tour packages to Bhutan is at Jaigaon. Bhutan provides a facility of on arrival tourist visa for Indian Passport holders. The required documents are generally the passport or the voter ID. However, Aadhar card is NOT accepted as a relevant document for issuing on arrival tourist visa. This visa for tourist en-route on a tour package to Bhutan is valid for two cities only, Paro and Thimpu. If your tour package to Bhutan includes some other sites and cities of Bhutan, then this on arrival visa will not hold true. You will have to go through the formal procedure of acquiring tourist visa to Bhutan in case you are a part of tour package to Bhutan that takes you beyond Thimpu and Paro.

When on a tour package to Bhutan, do visit, Tigernest monastery in Paro, Drul gyel dzong, Tachogang Lhakhang Bridge, Chele la Pass, Paro – Haa Valley, Phobjikha Valley, Punakha Valley and Punakha Dzong.

For Indian passport holders, tour packages to Bhutan are easier for one more reason. The currency of Bhutan is valued almost same as that of India and here Indian notes are widely accepted. You can also get them exchanged at local areas also for Bhutanese currency.


The tour packages to Bhutan are easily available for round the year. Being situated in the lap of Himalayas, Bhutan is encompassed with natural beauty round the year. However, it experiences varied climate due to its location.

  1. Spring season extending from March to May. These months offer comfortable temperatures and the valley is seen in full bloom. The colours from the varied types of flowers are so vivid that the entire valley comes alive with the blooming flowers. This, hence, is also considered to be the best season to visit Bhutan and you can think of undertaking tour packages to Bhutan in the spring season. 
  2. Monsoon season extending from June to September. Bhutan’s climate is influenced by the monsoons in the Indian sub continent and these months experience high rainfall. Monsoons, thus, become a low season for Bhutan with trekking also not being possible.
  3. Autumn season extending from October to November. Bhutan in this season experiences clear skies, and the Himalayan peaks are at their most visible. This season attracts trekkers and tour packages include trekking as star attractions. Temperature is on a cooler side, and hence, trekking is best done during these months.
  4. Winter season extends from December to February. Bhutan experiences good winter with chilling temperatures. These months are considered to be good touring seasons among honeymooners who wish to take up packages to a different experience of the Himalayas.


  1. By Road – Bhutan is easily accessible by road. The border gate is at Jaigaon on the Indian side. In case you are not carrying a valid visa, on arrival tourist visa facility is available for Indian passport holders, which require either your passport or valid voter’s ID as relevant documents. This on arrival visa, is, however, valid only Thimpu and Paro. In case you tour package to Bhutan takes to you other sites and cities, a pre applied valid visa is mandatory.
  2. By Air – The international airport in Bhutan is located at Paro. This airport is also known as the bird’s eye airport and is considered to be one of the riskiest airports in the world with small table top runway. Paro is well connected to other destination points which you tour package would be catering to.

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